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Emergency Tattoo Removal

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What is Saline Tattoo Removal?

If you regret getting your eyebrows done, or you hate the shape or the color then we have a solution for you.

It's called Saline Tattoo removal which is safe and effective to lighten or remove an unwanted tattoo.

The skin needs to heal so you will need 8 weeks between procedures.

How many sessions you will need?

It all depends: How deep was it implemented? How saturated is the pigment? How many pigments need to be removed?

You may feel a burning sensation or sting but it is normal! I will use a fan to help you.

After the procedure, you may look red which is again normal! It will go away!

What is a Emergency Tattoo Removal?

If you regret getting your eyebrows done then this is for you.

Within 48 hours this technique will lighten/remove the fresh tattoo. You don't have to wait until they are healed!

IT IS SAFE AND Effective! Don't worry we won't open your skin with a needle!

Remember you only have 48 hours to call us after you get your eyebrows done or you have to wait till your eyebrows are fully healed.

If you hate the shape this is your best chance! Let's say too thick or one of them is higher or lower ...

If you feel your eyebrows are too dark - remember they will fade 30-50%.

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